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Williamstown is an unincorporated community located mostly in Monroe Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey. This is one of the fastest-growing communities in New Jersey and is located about 30 miles southeast of Philadelphia. The municipal leaders have made no secret of the fact that the goal for Williamstown is development and they wish to establish a pro-business in order to maximize growth.

Common Pests in Williamstown

Stink Bugs
With an abundance of nearby shipping ports, Williamstown, NJ, often plays host to invasive pests. These include agricultural species, such as Asian longhorned beetles, as well as home-invading pests, like brown marmorated stink bugs.

These household insects are shield-shaped and range from dark brown to gray in color. During the fall, stink bugs enter homes through openings in screens, doors, or vents and stay in order to survive cold winters.

While not dangerous, the pests aggregate indoors and release a foul-smelling odor when crushed. Their oily secretions can also stain walls and fabrics.

In the spring and summer, wasps emerge in Williamstown. Yellow jackets can be either aerial or ground-dwelling depending on their environment.

Aerial wasps are not particular about nesting close to humans and can be found building hives near or even on New Jersey homes.

Ground-nesting species use the abandoned dens or burrows of other animals and prefer undisturbed areas. These pests are most likely found around un-mowed locations on the periphery of yards and parks.

Both aerial and ground-dwelling wasps can become aggressive if their nests are disturbed and will repeatedly sting intruders.

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