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New York City's dense population causes serious pest control challenges. With over 36,000 people per square mile, the borough’s population of more than 2.5 million shares their homes with pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, and pigeons. There is an increased base temperature within the city due to the massive amounts of human activity that promotes an environment in which pests thrive year round. That's just one of the reasons you need a pest exterminator near you.

On top of that, bed bugs can cause serious problems and are classified as hazardous housing violations by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Landlords in New York City are legally obligated to eradicate infestations within 30 days in order to provide tenants with bed bug-free living spaces. With the many people that come and go, hospitals and theaters are also at risk for bed bugs. And if your private school has dorms, bed bugs can find their way in there too. It's not just hotels and apartments that can get an introduction of bed bugs that can turn into a quick infestation.

Older buildings in NYC are also subject to rat and cockroach infestations that can become difficult to stop and may affect multiple homes or even entire blocks. The beautiful brownstones NYC's many neighborhoods are famous for are not immune to pest infestations. The gaps that are common to older buildings like brownstones are perfect for pests to squeeze through – they don't need a large opening either. A small one will do just fine. And once you have rats, the older wiring in those buildings is exceptionally susceptible to the fire hazards that can come from their constant gnawing. Local pigeon populations are often at unsustainably high levels due to readily available food sources, such as garbage and bird feeders. Pigeon droppings create unsightly blemishes on buildings and public spaces, and the birds often transmit diseases and parasites. No matter which pest you're having issues with, we are the pest control company near you and we're here to help.

With the lack of room and storage areas in a typical NYC apartment, residents of the area usually put away their winter clothes when the temperatures warm up and vice versa. The moths that love those sweaters and will lay eggs that eventually hatch and eat holes in the fabric can be a serious hassle – and many times you won't know until it's too late. That's why calling in a pest exterminator to inspect and possibly treat for clothes moths before the costly damage happens is a good idea.

Bed Bug Control

Whether you have a home or business in NYC, our team of experts can keep the bed bugs from biting. We're in your corner.
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Cockroach Control

Roaches in your home in New York City? Not for long. Our team will get the cockroaches out and prevent them from returning.
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Fly Control

Whether you have flies in your home or have an issue with the trash area at your hospital, restaurant, or office building, bring in the local pest experts.
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Rat Control

Rats are notorious in NYC! You don't have to just live with them at home or at your business. We can control them for you.
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Q: What are the most common pest issues that business owners face in the area?

A: Unfortunately, there is no shortage of pests in New York City. The most common pests encountered in the New York metropolitan area are roaches, mice, and rats. Commercial buildings in particular can be at risk especially with the lack of foot traffic during the pandemic. Pests could have taken up residence while there were less people coming and going. Before opening back up, having a local pest exterminator come in to inspect would be a good idea.

Q: How do the seasons affect pest activity around New York City?

A: Typically, cockroaches are much more active in the summer months. Cockroaches have a tendency to move more in the humid seasons. Rodents are more likely to seek shelter and the warmth of the indoors in cold, wet, and/or snowy conditions.

Q: What are some common signs of pest activity around commercial properties?

A: Some signs are more obvious than others as it pertains to pest activity. Other than actual pest sightings, pest droppings are the most typical sign of activity. Another indication of pests could be evidence of nesting materials such as shredded paper, insulation, and/or leaves. Grease marks as well as plant damage can also indicate a pest infestation.

Q: When should property owners call Western Pest Services?

A: I would advise all business owners to engage Western Pest Services prior to the detection of pest activity. Waiting until an infestation exists can prove to be detrimental to a business. Best to take a proactive approach to pest management. Unfortunately in New York City, it is not a question of if but when a pest invasion occurs, and it's best to have a program in place that will monitor and protect your business from the embarrassment and cost of eliminating a pest infestation.

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Gail S
Gail S
5 months ago
Excellent customer service and extremely responsive. I had an annoying problem with Canadian Geese in my backyard. After making numerous phone calls to other places, I was fortunate to come across Western Pest Services and spoke to John. He was very familiar with the issue and patient with all of my questions. He arranged a service plan which was started promptly. The technicians were great each time. I’m very happy that the treatment appears to be a success. I even got a follow up call from John to check on how things were going after everything was completed. Would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.
Joelle Prisco
Joelle Prisco
2 months ago
Special thank you to Chris Yu for such a wonderful experience!!! Chris was professional and super personable. THANK YOU for going above and beyond!!
Telos Logos
Telos Logos
3 months ago
Completely unprofessional and negligent organization. I submitted FOUR requests for a termite inspection over the span of 3 weeks (twice online, twice over the phone), and still to this day have not received a call or follow up from any of their technicians to schedule an appointment (despite being told over the phone twice that I would be receiving a call the next day). By contrast, I've called two other pest control businesses and they helped me within a day or two of my request (Orkin and Rest Easy Pest Control). Don't waste your time and money with Western Pest Services.
Qasim Turner
Qasim Turner
5 months ago
Always prepared with supplies. Keeps me updated on what I need to know to keep my store sufficient. Gives advice on what can be better. Great service
Compras Us Fresh
Compras Us Fresh
8 months ago
Mr. Jewel Jones has been our inspector from Western Pest for a while now and he always come in with a smile and ready to assist whenever we may need him. Always professional, always polite. Not to mention everyone in the offices as well, willing to help when needed. Thank you so much! -Katherine

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Issues in New York City

With a population of around 8.5 million people, New York, NY, is the biggest city in the United States. Thousands of tourists from all over the world also visit the city every year. Plenty of pests call the Big Apple home, too.

The hustle and bustle of New York life creates the perfect conditions for insect and rodent infestations. Businesses and restaurants packed closely together attract pests via foot traffic, enticing smells, or simply by proximity. Construction projects send mice and rats scurrying to find new homes. Also, visitors may unknowingly bring pests along with them on clothes and belongings.

Locations like the Upper East Side, SoHo, and the Greenwich Village get tourists and travelers coming in and out to go to playhouses and theaters as well as staying at the beautiful hotels in those areas. With them can come the threat of bed bugs and once you get those, the can turn into not only an infestation but a reputation killer.

People come from down the street to states away to enjoy the amazing restaurants in Hell's Kitchen, Little Italy, and Chinatown. All that food and the garbage restaurants produce are strong attractants to rats and flies.

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Common NYC Pests

Here are a few facts about New York City pest control, the rodents or insects you might see in your home or business, as well as some tips to prevent an infestation. From Brooklyn brownstones to five-story walk-ups in Queens, certain insects are common in all corners of NYC. New Yorkers may encounter some of these invaders in your home:

  • Bed Bugs - These tiny pests are expert hitchhikers that can enter your home on clothing, luggage, and furniture. Although the insects don't carry diseases, bed bug bites can keep New Yorkers awake with itchy welts and rashes.
  • Cockroaches - Cockroaches slip indoors through gaps in walls and hide in dark places. As they scurry through garbage and sewers, they pick up bacteria that contaminate food and surfaces.
  • Ants - Crumbs and spills attract ants. While most species pollute pantries and can be stubborn to control, large colonies of carpenter ants also do serious structural harm to buildings.
  • Termites - Homes or buildings with wood structures that touch the ground, like trellises, fences, or deck posts, can be at risk for termites. These pests stay hidden by feeding on timber from the inside. Over time, their eating habits may weaken wood beams, joists, and flooring.

NYC Pest Control for Businesses

Whether you're a Staten Island retailer, a restaurateur in the Bronx, or a Queens property manager, you'll need to take care of infestations quickly. Solving a pest problem as soon as possible keeps your customers, clients, and tenants happy, preserves your good reputation, and prevents pests from spreading to other nearby shops and offices.

Pests are a persistent issue for hotel managers. Tourists from around the world as well as visiting CEOs with daily meetings need a temporary home while they're in New York City. Room service leftovers can attract mice, bed bugs may invade via luggage, and cockroaches could hide beneath a mini-fridge, leaving hotels open to guest complaints and other serious consequences.

Frequent room and upholstery cleanings, laundry services, strict kitchen hygiene, and an observant housekeeping staff may mitigate some of these problems. However, insects and rodents are experts at finding hiding places and scavenging for food and water. Full-scale pest control for NYC hotels is essential to keep your clients happy and your business profitable.

Restaurants are vulnerable, too. Food, stained napkins, and odors attract pests. It doesn't matter if you manage a 5-star restaurant in Manhattan or run a pizza joint in Brooklyn, pest control should be part of your daily operations. Regularly inspect for signs of infestations, such as cast-off cockroach skins, ant trails, insect or rodent droppings, and nests.

A few key places to look for pests are:

  • Refrigerators, food storage areas, ovens, and ice makers - Pests often shelter under appliances or inside pantries after being drawn to fallen food or spills.
  • Ventilators, heat ducts, and wall junctions - Small gaps sometimes form in corners, along baseboards, and around vents. Even a tiny crevice can allow ants, cockroaches, and other insects inside.
  • Sink basins, staircases and other sheltered spaces - Dark, moist, warm, and secluded environments are prime hideouts for troublesome insects.

Rats and Other Rodents

New York City has a notorious rat problem. The number of rodents living in NYC has grown extensively in recent years. Large building renovations in Brooklyn and beyond are sending rats and mice scrambling to subway tunnels and the streets as well as businesses and homes.

Rodents can transmit about 35 different illnesses to humans via bites and scratches or through their waste. Like cockroaches, the pests pollute food and surfaces with bacteria like E. coli or Salmonella, which can make you, your family, or your customers sick. Rats and mice also gnaw on wall supports and create fire hazards when they chew on wiring.

Proactive Pest Control in NYC

Every pest is different, and various factors can cause infestations. However, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of insects and rodents entering your home or business.

  • Clean up food messes. - Wipe up crumbs and spills immediately, so pests won't come around looking for a snack. It's also a good idea to put trash in a can with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Reduce moisture. - Leaky pipes, dripping faucets, and seeping roofs give pests a convenient water source. Make prompt plumbing repairs and decrease humidity in basements and bathrooms to make them less attractive to insects and rodents.
  • Fix gaps and remove hiding spots. - Repair any cracks and crevices where insects and rodents could sneak inside. Clean up indoor clutter and discard any outdoor debris to remove potential pest hideaways.

New Yorkers need pest control that's as tough as they are. Whether you need to protect your home from rodents or you need a specialized commercial plan, contact Western Pest Services for professional pest control in New York City.

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