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cicileo image We provide Manhattan and the five boroughs commercial pest control that helps businesses grow and maintain their reputations. Pest control in a city requires a high level of preparedness, and we have the skills and knowledge to meet your needs. – Vincent Cicileo, Branch Manager

Q&A with Branch Manager Vincent Cicileo

How is pest control in the city different from the suburbs? As you venture from the suburbs into the five boroughs of New York, pigeons definitely become a problem. In Manhattan, many of the buildings are old, which helps create a lot of pest pressures. For instance, structurally, you see a lot more holes, which provide entry points for all kinds of pests.We have to ask... How do things look on the bed-bug front right now?International travel has definitely had a big impact, as studies suggest. Overall, though, the bottom line is that bed bugs are a big problem in Manhattan. The problem we often see is that there are a lot of bed-bug treatment gimmicks – and people can waste time and money on treatments that don't work. Another problem is preparation. In a hotel setting, we don't usually have problems with pre-treatment preparation, but it's a little more challenging to convince a tenant to move a couch out for bed bug treatment. When people don't prepare, bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate.What's interesting is that you never know where bed bugs will show up. We've seen 5,000-square-foot penthouses that are cleaner than clean with bed bugs. The way I see it, having bed bugs is like identity theft – it can happen to anyone. What are the most common pest issues that homeowners face in your area? Mice, ants, roaches, and wasps are some of the most common pests in the NYC area. How do the seasons affect pest activity in your area? Cold and nasty weather bring pests indoors seeking shelter from the elements. Seasonal influx in temperatures create significant stinging insect activity. The rise and fall of temperatures during spring and fall can affect rodent activity which increases pest access into homes/structures. Increased sunlight or lack thereof depending on the season provides pests additional time for foraging and reproductive behavior. What are some common signs of pest activity around the home? Sightings of pests and remnants of their activity such as paper nesting material being harbored in cracks and crevices, rodent burrows around foundations, gnaw marks, rub marks, and scratching on surfaces. Any pest prevention tips for residents in your area? Sealing of any openings can assist in pest entry prevention. Be sure to keep doors closed when not in use. Make sure all windows and doors have screening that is not torn and is of a small gauge in order to prevent small insects such as "no-see-ems" from flying through. Be sure to avoid storing firewood against the home. Be sure to trim bushes, hedges, and weeds away from the facility. Be sure no excessive water is pooling on the property. When should homeowners call Western? There is no wrong time. Western can conduct inspections of the home or business in order to assess a proper program that is suitable for preventative maintenance as well as solutions to any current pest issues.

New York City, NY Pest Pressure

NYC has a lot to offer, including large-scale buildings, endless opportunities, and unfortunately, unwanted pests. Cockroaches seek shelter in homes and apartments throughout the city in hopes of finding food, water, and warmth. These reddish to dark brown insects have a flattened shape and are only about two inches long, allowing them to hide in small crevices and cupboards or under appliances. While rummaging for crumbs, grease, and garbage at night, they can cause food contamination and prompt allergic reactions.

Bed bugs are another pest that call New York City home. About the size of an apple seed, these reddish-brown insects go unnoticed during the day by hiding in bed frames, mattresses, and wooden trim. It’s only at night that bed bugs come out to feast on human blood, sometimes leaving red bite marks on the skin of their victims. Other blood-sucking pests that swarm the area are mosquitoes. Aside from leaving itchy and swollen bites, these flying insects can spread diseases such as West Nile virus and encephalitis.

Rodents & New York Residents
According to Census Bureau population estimates, New York City’s population increased from 8,175,133 in April 2010 to 8,405,837 in July 2013. This is an increase of 230,704 residents or about a 2.8 percent increase. With over 8 million people and counting making up NYC’s population, where does all that trash go?

Unfortunately, our New York City and Northern New Jersey Technical Specialist explained that much of this trash makes its way into the hungry stomachs of rodents: mice, rats, and other critters who are looking to make your trash their treasure.

As the weather cools down, these pests will be looking to rush inside for harborage.

He said, “NYC does a pretty amazing job making sure waste is eliminated and reduced. Keep trash off the streets and keep cans covered and sealed to minimize rodent issues. If the lids have become loose, consider replacing them. Some rats and mice can eat up to 2 ounces of food per day. Multiply this by estimated rat populations and you have a lot of consumption.”

Any rodent that’s introduced into your restaurant, hotel, hospital, or business can pose a threat, especially to your reputation. The common house mouse is a top pest for businesses as they are fast breeders, meaning they can reproduce quickly –multiplying your rodent issue exponentially.

The good news is – there are some things you can do to prevent house mice, and any rodents, from making their way inside in the first place, though, Kane said.

Decay of the building is a major indicator that there might be plenty of entry-ways for rodents to make their way inside. In NYC, as well as many U.S. cities, the walls of buildings and the subway system have history and covered by multiple layers of architecture. Also, there may be a really old pipe that should be capped/removed, but has rusted open. These provide free passage for rodents to travel from sewers into a building.

This creates a continual challenge for maintenance companies who try to hold back from replacing pipes and structures by patching them instead. To prevent issues, a building property manager must have a good engineering team that is focused on communication. Know the building. Know the building’s history. A good engineer can be a valuable resource in preventing pest issues.

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