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Before You Deck the Halls, Take Pest Precautions

12 Tips that Can Help Residents Prevent Pests during the Holidays

By Hope Bowman, Technical Specialist, Western Pest Services

As the holidays approach, apartment residents will be busy preparing for holiday entertaining and incoming house guests, but if they aren’t careful they may attract unwelcome visitors too. Did you know there are a number of festive decorations, foods, and traditions that can attract unwanted bugs and critters to your property? When the weather cools down, pests seek shelter indoors, but they’ll find so much inside resident units this time of year that they may not want to leave.

The sight of a pest scurrying across the floor at a seasonal celebration is cringe-worthy, but aside from being a nuisance or making an embarrassing appearance, pests are a real threat to your property. They can contaminate food, cause structural damage, trigger allergies, and, in some cases, even spread disease. Plus, they don’t help with maintaining happy residents and can be the cause of negative word of mouth about your property.

Before residents start to pull decorations out of storage and make holiday shopping lists, consider distributing the following tips they can use to help keep critters from crashing the holidays.




The holidays are truly the most wonderful time of year, but a pest problem can quickly take away from that cheer. Provide residents with tips that will help them stay ahead of pest activity this season and be sure to work with your pest management professional to prevent pest issues before they start.

Hope Bowman is a Technical Specialist and Board-Certified Entomologist with Western Pest Services, a New Jersey-based pest management company serving businesses and homeowners in major Northeastern markets.