What Do Stink Bugs Smell Like?

Stink Bug Top View

What is That Smell?

What Does it Compare To?
The odor itself is frequently described as smelling like cilantro, and some of the compounds that combine to create the distinctive aroma are also used in commercial food processing.

Stink bugs have even been compared to skunks in terms of the similar, foul-smelling scents both animals release when threatened or disturbed.

Biology Behind the Scent

It’s All in the Name
Named for the unpleasant odor they produce when crushed or disturbed, stink bugs have specialized features that enable the insects to unleash their foul-smelling defense mechanism on predators and other threats.

How is it Produced?
These features include a pair of scent glands that manufacture the hydrocarbons responsible for producing the defensive odor. The scented chemicals are then stored in an internal reservoir located next to the glands on the dorsal side of the abdomen.

Release Odor When Threatened

Defense Mechanism
When threatened, stink bugs release the smelly concoction of chemicals onto the surface of the body as a deterrent.

When the insects release their offensive smell, the chemical composition of the odor primarily includes various:

  • Aldehydes
  • Alkanes
  • Esters

Invade Homes in Large Numbers

In addition to producing an unpleasant odor, stink bugs often invade homes and other manmade structures in large numbers, which can make complete removal difficult for untrained individuals to accomplish alone.

Blisters on Skin

Furthermore, the foul-smelling secretions that stink bugs emit in self-defense can cause dermatitis or blisters to form on exposed skin.

Stink Bug Control

Call the Experts
To ensure total removal of stink bug infestations and safeguard against possible injury, let trained pest control professionals handle the problem.

Professional pest control specialists know where stink bugs like to hide and can solve infestation problems in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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