Customized Design & Build
Bird management is not a one-size-fits-all process. After reviewing your facility’s detailed information, Western works with you to identify the best possible options for your facility and creates a site-specific design-build system that takes your requirements into account.

Our bird deterrent solutions are designed with three specific strategies:

  • Effectiveness of the system
  • Minimized impact on aesthetics
  • Budgetary concerns

We understand the potential economic impact a bird control problem may have on your property, including public health implications and building corrosion. We know that you need a bird deterrent system that is visually appealing and our bird deterrent solutions are designed in compliance with the protected status of certain birds.

We offer consultative solutions that are site-specific:
Western offers solutions that are tailored to each specific job, keeping your interests top of mind.

Design a bird control system that is effective and aesthetically pleasing:

  • Design a system with a low profile and discrete materials to reduce visual impacts
  • Use low-shade lines, such as translucent monofilament line to reduce visibility
  • Determine the bird type and pressure, and tailor the program around that need

Develop a bird control systems based on the bird types causing pressure:

  • Utilize science based bird control to most effectively deter the bird populations
  • Use marine / aeronautic grade metals and materials to withstand sun and weather pressures
  • Design a system to prevent legal ramifications associated with protected species

Minimize the cost of the system for budgetary constraints:

  • Create molds for parts using aluminum, stainless steel and light-weight alloys
  • Implement secondary systems that increase effectiveness of the system (such as ledge guards)