Warehouse and Food Preparation

Health regulations surrounding warehouse and food preparation facilities are stricter than ever as of late, meaning that proper bird exclusion and control is an absolute essential. With rules and regulations taking a new focus on birds specifically, a relationship with a professional bird control company will ensure your facility’s success. Western makes it a goal to communicate effectively with you in order to protect your facility from the potential health and business risks of a bird control problem.

Our abilities include:

  • An audit of the warehouse or food preparation plant in order to determine areas that may be conducive to birds
  • Tailored programs and bird exclusion systems that are designed to stay in compliance with required standards
  • A plan that is designed to be consultative in nature

At Western, we understand that even the smallest leak can allow bird excrement to have a serious impact on your facility. We work with you to design bird exclusion and control systems that are made to keep your facility, above all else, safe and bird-free, including the immediate exterior of the building.