Common Commercial Pests

Pests in Commercial Settings

Pest control techniques in major industries are necessary in order to keep patrons and employees safe from contamination and disease. Insect infestations can turn customers away from businesses, ruining reputations and resulting in monetary loss. Even facilities such as hospitals, schools, and pharmaceutical production plants need to maintain rigorous standards in order to deter the presence of pests. Leaky water pipes or foundational cracks in a building can be sources of serious infestations. Despite many business managers’ robust efforts to keep insects and rodents at bay, these pests will stop at nothing to get to sources of food and shelter.

Damage to Businesses

From cockroaches and flies to rodents and birds, many pests cause issues in commercial settings. Filth insects contaminate food and surfaces in kitchens and grocery stores. Rodents are also a major source of contamination, as their hair, urine, and droppings look gross, smell bad, and spread several diseases. Bed bugs, though they don’t spread disease, are serious concerns in the hospitality industry since they spread quickly, making them difficult to contain.

Wood-eating termites can cause serious havoc in manufacturing plants and warehouses by destroying furniture or even attacking the buildings themselves. Birds are also a problem in these areas, making noises, building nests, and producing lots of droppings. Ants are attracted to the sugar granules and crumbs left behind in dining rooms and mess halls, and they are often seen in groups of thousands at a time. Even the presence of easygoing pests like stink bugs is enough to send shivers down the spines of many people.

Additional Issues

Having a commercial pest control plan keeps businesses safe, clean, and profitable. The presence of even one rodent can debilitate healthcare facilities and hospitals, which must remain clean and pest-free in order to stay operational. Likewise, one bed bug incident can ruin a hotel’s reputation and drive profits way down. The hardworking experts at Western Pest Services are sensitive to the unique needs of many industries. Rely on specialized commercial pest control from the our trained technicians when insects and rodents are causing concerns in your business.