Wasp Removal & Control

How Western Helps with Wasp Removal

Our Board Certified Entomologists will identify the stinging pest infestation you’re seeing around your business. Should it be a honeybee, we will make sure they are protected – even if they pose a direct threat and therefore have to be removed. If it’s any species of wasp we will take care of the nest as well as the current colony that has formed. We also have control stations that specifically deal with wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets (and more importantly, not honeybees) so we can take care of these stinging pests even if we can’t locate the nest. Our wasp extermination services will keep everyone safe from their stings!
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If the nest is either out of reach or on a nearby property there is still a way to manage the yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets that can threaten you, your employees, and your guests. The benefits of stinging pest control stations include:

  • Full wasp, yellow jacket, and hornet control
  • Childproof, labeled, and secure
  • Keep your outdoor areas free from stinging pests
  • Can be used anywhere you are looking for control
  • Will not hurt honeybees or beneficial insects

Problems Caused by Wasps

Paper wasps are not normally aggressive, but they can sting multiple times if they feel like they need to defend their nest. Since their nests are built out in the open it is pretty easy to disturb them without meaning to. And their nests can be built just about anywhere regardless of size. Outdoor play areas around multifamily buildings are popular spots for them as are outdoor seating areas for restaurants and office buildings. So, having a pest control company to provide wasp treatments is a good idea to protect the people around your business as well as your reputation.
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